All in His Timing!

All in His Timing!

Hey loves!

I know it’s been a while. I am still getting in the swing of being in a new semester of classes and staying on track of things. I had my remicade infusion yesterday, so I’m hoping it will work well this month and get me feeling better. I’ve been so under the weather with migraines and fatigue lately. I had to make the hard decision to leave my position at my job to be able to solely focus on my health and my studies. It was so anxious for me to decide, but ultimately, God was in control. He knew what I needed and placed that on my heart. My boss and the women I work with are so amazing and I will always be grateful for them and their support while I was working. God blessed me when He decided I should work with these women and this center. I become so much more outgoing and I loved my coworkers. I loved helping the students and everything the job entailed. I am so thankful for my boss for allowing me to realize that I needed time for myself and my health. Without her intervening, I would still be continuing to stretch myself too thin and that’s not fair to me or the workplace. Sometimes, God puts people or situations in our life, for a season or for life. I enjoyed my season and I am now looking forward to focusing on my schoolwork.

This all happens in God’s timing. Today, I am grateful.

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